Child ShoppingProblems using the vouchers?

Healthy Start is a scheme that helps you give your growing family a healthy balanced diet. The vouchers are for you to use to buy milk, fruit, veg and infant formula milk from registered Healthy Start retailers. So if you have any trouble spending them we want to know about it.

Tell us if any retailer:

  • tries to charge you extra to use your vouchers
  • won’t let you use the vouchers to buy foods that they sell and that the law says are included in the scheme
  • won’t give you the full value of the vouchers you are spending on Healthy Start foods
  • allows people to use the vouchers for anything that is not a Healthy Start food
  • says they will accept Healthy Start vouchers even though they are not registered to do so.

Retailers that deliberately break the rules are damaging the scheme for everyone who uses it, and also breaking the law. You can report them to us in complete confidence by using the email form below. Or you can call our helpline on 0845 607 6823. When you call, make sure you have the name and location of the retailer, how they broke the rules, and the day and time you saw it happen. We always look into complaints but will never tell retailers the name of the person that reported them.

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