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The Healthy Start team are often asked by health professionals for good practice examples of Healthy Start vitamin distribution. Here are some case studies written by health boards/trusts in the UK which demonstrate what they have achieved in terms of:

  • where the vitamins are being distributed
  • who is responsible
  • what training has been provided locally
  • what challenges have been faced/overcome
  • key tips for other boards and trusts who are setting up vitamin distribution.

Please note – these case studies refer to organisations and arrangements which may no longer be in effect from April 2013 and the beginning of the new Health and Care system in England. However they may still be a useful reference for organisations setting up distribution.


Case studies

Greenwich – April 2015

Greenwich provide universal distribution to all pregnant women

Haringey – April 2015

Haringey have a universal scheme with vitamins distributed through children’s centres, pharmacies and Health Visitors at all new birth assessment.

Sheffield – April 2015

Sheffield are distributing the vitamins to those on the scheme.

Tower Hamlets – January 2013

In Tower Hamlets all pregnant women are given three botttles of Healthy Start women’s vitamins for free.

Newham – October 2012
Newham have a universal scheme which provides three bottles of Healthy Start vitamins to all pregnant women.

Birmingham East and North – September 2011

Birmingham East and North distribute the vitamins universally through pharmacies, GP surgeries, health clinics, the Family Nurse Partnership and children’s centres.

Stockport – September 2011

Stockport sell the vitamins as well as in exchange for coupons.

Luton – August 2011

Luton are giving the first bottle free to all pregnant women at booking visit. After that they can be exchanged for coupons or purchased by those not on the scheme.

Sussex Community NHS Trust, West Sussex – August 2011

West Sussex are distributing the vitamins mainly via children’s centres and have one dedicated Healthy Start co-ordinator.

Torbay – August 2011

Torbay distribute the vitamins through childrens centres and sell them to those not on the scheme.

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